How i can switch my hosting server to dream host server without effecting my websites seo?



I want my website (Traffic signs)which is currently hosted on some local hosting server to move it here at dream host,I want it to move by the means in which my SEO won’t get effected too, also if there is any contact support available if o buy this hosting which can move my site on my behalf? like i am not a developer or don’t know much about servers so i want to done it (sign board) perfectly ,is there any help i can get?


There should be no (or very little) impact on SEO if you leave your site up and running on its current host while you set it up at the new host.

You should always keep a full copy of your site and all its files on your local computer. If you currently don’t, then do so.

Open an account here at Dreamhost. Read up on the various hosting plans here. If you’re currently getting under 30k page loads per day, you can likely just use the Shared Hosting plan.

Either use the FTP in the Dreamhost web pannel, or use a stand alone FTP program like Filezilla to upload all your files to your account.

Use the temporary URL to test your pages and make any necessary adjustments.

After all is working the way you want, change the settings at your domain registra to point your domain name to the Dreamhost DNS.

After approximately 72 hours that info should have propagated arount the world, so you can close your account at the old host.

Now your site is moved.


Thank you for the so detailed help, I’ll work on it. :blush: