How flexbile is the easy mode for Wordpress?

Hi there,

Can anyone tell me how flexible is the easy mode for Wordpress?

For example:

  1. Can I place advertisement banner such as google adsense or even facebook “like” box?
  2. Can I change colour for everything such as font, bar, background etc…
  3. Can I adjust the alignment of the page or boxes within the page?

Further, is there a document to read the flexibility of easy mode? Many thanks.

I’d say don’t bother with the Easy install. The Advanced is easy enough to manage on your own and you get complete control over your installation. WP has its own built-in updater, so it’s a cinch to keep up to date.

I doubt you can place banners or Facebook functions on your site:
Adsense banners and Facebook hooks require a plugin (which you can’t add to Easy installs) or a template modification.

The only mods you can do to the Easy install themes are CSS changes, which include fonts and some alignments. You can’t easily rearrange sections of the theme, unless you luck out and find a pre-installed theme that saves these as theme options.

Thanks sdayman. To proceed with the advance mode installation:

  1. As I’m still with my existing domain registrar, do I need to update my A record with DH’s server before installation or I can do it later? Also, would like to know which server to choose as I have been given 3 of them… first, second or third one?

  2. Before clicking “Install it for me now”, as I’ll be using the domain rather than subdomain, eg, do I need to fill up the blank space after the “/”. E.g. / XXXXXX. And may I know what’s the blank for?

Many thanks.

  1. DreamHost IP addresses are not static. So simply adding an A record will not work 100% of the time. If you don’t mind using DreamHost as your DNS host, there is a much better solution.

  1. No. You will not need to fill in the blank. That is for if you wanted to install it in a folder. Like, http://www.example/blog
  1. DreamHost’s systems don’t depend on external DNS to maintain your site. As long as you’ve created a Fully Hosted Domain from the panel, the panel can install the Advanced WordPress into that Fully Hosted Domain. You won’t be able to work with it until you switch DNS at your registrar or mirror it as a domain:

It sounds like the three servers you’re looking at are for DNS, and not your website itself. Don’t worry about this if you follow the steps above.

Hi Sdayman, really thanks for all your replies so far. As I’m not familiar at all about all these server stuff. Currently, I have registered my domain with google and hope to maintain my domain with google so “to switch DNS”, does this mean transferring domain from google to DH? How about mirror it as a domain, does it mean I can maintain my domain with google and get DH to host the website for me?

Is there any simple way to connect google with DH so that my website can run smoothly? Is there any dummy guide for me to browse? So sorry I’m really clueless on all these. Thanks alot!!!