How fastnew accounts/DB's, ftpusers are created


I am wondering If I should move few of my websites from godaddy hosting, now I have few questions.

  1. When I add new websites, supbdomains, ftp users, databases, emails and so on I should wait for those to be activated or are made instantly ?
    I have an reseler account on which is ok but I dont have the space and bandwidth for my websites. Now 2 months I bougfht an account on godaddy and there are delays on every operation I make :frowning: If I add a new database … I have to wait , a new email … a new ftp user . a new subdomain … for all those I have to wait :frowning: ~10 minutes

  2. Can I use my own nameservers ?
    On godaddy I can’t use my own nameservers and first time when I setup the account I had ns3 and ns4 now … I added a new website but it’s not working with the same nameservers and I have to change them to ns1 and ns2 from now on.
    I want to be able to set my own nameservers Is this posible ?

  3. Down time. I want the Crazy Domain Insane! plan, how much down time will I have ? I have any guarantee ?
    I saw some messages on your site on hte last news about moving few dedicated servers. There was a person which was very disapointed becuase of this downtime in the last few months. On my reseler account Im used with 100% uptime, there are few months in this year with 100% uptime and this is great.

  4. Webmail is a separate page for every domain or i have to give to the others, which I host the website the same admin I use for my main account ?

  5. 200 emails / hour / main account or / website ? Can I see a log with sent emails, not only the emails sent by SMTP/IMAP but the one sent using PHP’s mail() function. This will be great :smiley:

For now those are my questions … waiting your answers :slight_smile:

Best regards,
ovidiu Sopa

Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Most things you add or configure through the panel will have some sort of delay. The delay period will vary depending on what you are doing, but generally you will have to wait 10 or 15 minutes for most changes to take effect.

I am not sure if you mean you want to point to external DNS servers somewhere or you want to use the DreamHost DNS servers but have them shown as etc. Both of these options are possible at DreamHost, but the second one does take a little extra configuring.

There is no uptime guarantee and I can’t really give you any concrete uptime figures as uptime depends a lot on the individual server you end up on. All I can say is that my sites have generally had very good uptime since I have been here at DreamHost. It hasn’t been perfect, but outages are not too frequent and usually of very short duration. On the rare occasions that I notice my sites are down, they are usually back up before I have a chance to lodge a support request.

Webmail is provided via SquirrelMail and is accessed through

I believe the limits are 100 per hour for SMTP and 200 per hour for scripts/shell etc. on a per domain basis, but you are advised to ask DreamHost this question directly for the definitive answer. I don’t think we have access to raw mail logs, but once again, it would be best to ask DreamHost this question.


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As for the uptime of the server where I’m hosted, you can check it here:

But the monitor is only up since November 27th…

Until now: 100%

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Are any of your questions answered here?

They hired more support help.
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  1. Can I use my own nameservers ?

I am not sure if you mean you want to point to external DNS servers somewhere or you want to use the DreamHost DNS servers but have them shown as etc. Both of these options are possible at DreamHost, but the second one does take a little extra configuring.

OK, I’ll explain here what I want.

I have bought from godaddy, on godaddy I setup and ns2 to IP adreses from my current reseler hosting. All the websites hosted there ( 60 ) are using those nameserves.

Now two months ago I setup some new nameservers and ns4 which points to godaddy IP’s.

I bought a new domain and I set it up with and but it does not work. The answer from godaddy was that shared solution cant use custom nameservers :frowning:

So I want to have all my websites hosted (on whatever hosting company) have my own nameservers. If I need to change hosting company I wont have to edit only once , only the IP’s where points a specific nameserver.

In the past I had this problem and needed to do this for ~40 websites (bought from romania … .ro doamins), this job took me alot of time :frowning:

so the question still stands, If I have to use my own nameservers can you do the setup, it is free ? should this setup be made for every domain I add in my account or only one time setup ?

OK, I think I understand what you are saying :slight_smile:

When you say you want ‘my own nameservers’, you are really referring to having your domains registered elsewhere and creating an A-Record for (and ns2 etc) that points to the IP address of the real nameserver. You then configure all your other domains to use these ‘redirected nameservers’, so if/when it comes time to move your sites, you simply need to configure the A-Record for (and ns2 etc.) to the IP of the new real nameserver. Do I have this correct?

If my assumptions above are correct, then yes you can do this. However, there would be very little setup to be done here at DreamHost. You would simply need to add each domain to the DreamHost hosting system via the admin panel (while leaving the domains registered elsewhere) and create the A-Record at your registrar for pointing at the IP address of (and the same for ns2 etc.).

I am sorry if I misunderstood your explanation.


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It just occured to me that in this sentence you might be referring to the setup of real nameservers, not simply a couple of A-Records redirecting to the real nameservers where your sites are hosted.

If this is the case, such a configuration is going to be problematic for any shared hosting, due to IP addresses being shared amongst many domains and the fact that these IPs could change at any time.


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Yes, you understood corectly what I tried to say.
So i only have to update from godaddy to point to the real IP address from dreamhost … and the same with ns4 . This is realy simple from godaddy domain panel.

BTW … my reseler hosting from comcities it is not dedicated, I;m on shared server so there is no problem with my nameservers.

The thing with .ro domains is that when I need to update ns or something else it takes some time, I have to complete a form, reply the auth code … and then wait for people from ROTLD to make the change manualy I think … if I need to update it on friday evening , saturday or sunday … badluck, nobody is working there: (

Another thing.
Is there any gurantee for the download / upload speed ?

thank you

whew :slight_smile: I thought I understood, but you can never be sure when it comes to the written word.

Correct, you would need to modify the A-Records for your sub-domains to point at the IP addresses of the real DreamHost nameservers, which at present are… = = =

Keep in mind that these IP addresses could change from time to time, but in reality this doesn’t happen too often.

Of-course, you would also need to modify the DNS records for all your domains to use the ‘redirected nameservers’, if you have not already done so.

ouch, I can fully understand how that would be a pain.

No guarantee, but DreamHost has some pretty big pipes, so speed is generally excellent. Most speed problems are usually caused by DoS attacks or errant scripts eating CPU cycles on your shared server, but these things will happen on all shared hosting.


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Ok , Thankyou very much for your answers :slight_smile:

Ill be back with more questions :smiley: or maybe to setup the new account directly :stuck_out_tongue:

No problem, I am glad I could be of some assistance. :slight_smile:


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You are absolutely correct that DH support is the best source of info on these things, but I wanted to clarify one item and add a comment:

These limits are per user rather than per domain. In many cases it amounts to being the same thing, but if you are running many domains as a single user, those domains will share these quotas. This a one (of several) good reasons to run each domain as a separate user. :wink:

Also, DH has said that they are willing to evaluate/adjust these limits on a case by case basis depending upon needs/server loads/ etc. Forum reports from those who have asked for adjustment seems to indicate mixed success with requests for increased email limits.


Thanks for the clarification. Of-course per user does make a lot more sense than per domain. What threw me was the following line in the wiki; ‘Websites that send email are limited to 100/hr via SMTP and 200/hr via SSH/SHELL.’.

I believe one of the DreamHost folks did mention on the forum that the limit was adjustable on a user by user basis. I would expect that someone who provided a valid reason for wanting the limit lifted and wasn’t planning on spamming the world and it’s dog would have their request looked at seriously.


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Yep, that was Dallas (Head Honcho), and it was posted shortly after the limits were put into place. I would certainly hope that such requests get serious attention. At least one other user has previously reported in the Forum that he got some consideration on this, while at least one other (who asked for a limit of 750 per hour, I believe) reported having his request turned down.

On the basis of that, it appears that circumstances/situations may vary (which is, I suppose, to be expected :wink: ).


I have to more questons about dreamhost service :slight_smile:

First, how many concurent mysql conections are aloud ( this number is per website or / main acount )

Second, can I add another ip address to conect to the dreamhost mysql server.
I have to reasons to do this:
first is when my main server will have mysql problems to make my websites conect to dreamhost mysql server.
and second, I have made an website wich is updated from my local network. I am using 2 databases one is for online visitors and one is for my local network. To be able to make some queries on the online database I had to add my Ip address to the cpanel to allow conections from that IP.

Is this possible with DreamHost ?

Godaddy doesn’t allow this :frowning:

I am not sure there actually is a solid limit on concurrent SQL connections. It is probably best if you ask DreamHost themselves this question, to be sure.

Yes. For each database user, you can configure a list of valid hosts / IP addresses that the user can connect from.


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I don’t know about concurrent connection limits BUT the general rule is that you’re on a shared server and if you’re caught not playing nice you can get shut down.

Yes, it is possible to allow, on a user by user basis, direct access to the mysql server.


The thing I asked about this is because what happent with a new website on godaddy :

On saturday evening we launched a new website for the fans of a local basketball team. After the game, actualy after 3 hours the game was finished the website was offline because mysql has reached the maximum number of conections. This error stoped the website for about 20 minutes :frowning:

I called them and they recomended me a dedicated server, no foo … I have websites with 3000 unique visitors per day and are going fine on a shared server and they recomended me a dedicated server:( for that new website . i checked the stats and that website had in that day ( from evening to midnight ) 44 unique visitors, the whole next day there ware 150 unique visitors.

I told them if I will see that error again I will move on.

is the connection limit of mysql set by the server? I don’t think so. It much depends on the nature of the database design.

Maybe I’m wrong but that is my understanding.

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It’s possible to write code that doesn’t play nice that can get you in trouble with DH, but generally if you try, they’ll try.