How fast?

I plan on hosting 100mb files on my site. How fast are the transfer rates?

Are there any hidden rates/fees I should know about?

The transfer rate is just as fast as most sites I visit and there are no hidden rates/fees, just keep an eye on your bandwidth usage.

I’ve had a peak transfer from DreamHost at 50MB/sec, which is roughly 6.25mb (megabytes) a second.

This would equate to around 54GB a day, so you could say that DreamHost is fast! :slight_smile:

My speeds have been pretty fast most of the times. Although not as fast as the first poster.
During peak times however I have seen my download speeds go as low as 25-20Kbps which is pretty slow. But this doesn’t seem to be a common occurrence so I wouldn’t worry.

I haven’t had any problems with DH. I think you will be pleased if you join us all!