How fast is your website online and how it works?

well im going buy a hosting package with domain…

i can only pay with credit card so i need to ask my dad, so he asked how it works. could you guys please tell me how it works im now at the secure pay page

and when we all paid how long it takes before it is online?

I am not sure if you asking how the sign-up process works, or how DreamHost hosting works in general.

If you are asking about the sign-up process, it is pretty straight forward. Once you have completed the payment process your account will be subject to approval. The time required for approval does vary quite a bit. Some accounts are approved almost immediately, while others can take some time.

If your application triggers the DreamHost fraud detection system (for whatever reason) you may be asked to submit a fax consisting of a rubbed copy of your credit-card. This is a fairly painless procedure and is DreamHost’s way of determining if you actually have possession of the credit-card you are using for the purchase.

Once your account has been approved you will receive an email giving you details of how to log-in and upload your site. If you chose to register the ‘free’ domain during the sign-up process you will also receive an email once the domain registration has gone through.


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thanks mark for your fast replay

ok thanks for the info we only dont got a fax system

should you suggest i register with my own information or my dad information :stuck_out_tongue: ?

i know this is anti fraud but we simple dont got a fax :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Unfortunately, I have no idea what criteria DreamHost use to determine if a fax is required, but I would certainly use the same details for the application as are on the credit-card used, if at all possible.

I totally understand, with the expansion of the Internet and e-mails, fax machines are not as common as they once were. Here in Australia, most post offices will send a fax for you for a small fee, so perhaps something similar is available where you live, assuming a fax is required and I am not saying it definitely will be.


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If you want to test the speed :
(in release53)

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um… Did you read the original post at all, or only the thread topic? :stuck_out_tongue:


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I suggest you use your father’s info. Even so you may be asked to send the fax proof. We have many posts regarding the fax issue, you may want to read:
Questions about the fax thing

So the speed of the signup process is really unknown to us members… to some is really quick, to others is a bit slower . We have read all kind of feedback…

Best of luck :slight_smile:

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