How Exactly Does Registration Work?

Hey guys,

I just registered for an account and enabled Google Account support. However, after registering I checked my mail for any email and did not receive it. I also checked the domain availability (The free domain I registered that comes with the 1 year plan) and noticed that it was still available. Then I went to my credit card’s billing history on its website and nothing was charged. Finally I tried registering again and I didn’t receive a warning or anything saying the username was already in use (I used the same username both times), so I assumed I must’ve done something wrong while registering. However, after registering again, I still haven’t received any mail.

How long does the registration process usually take? Also do you think I will be charged twice?

I suspect that your account is still under anti-fraud review. If you have a panel login, you should submit a ticket informing them what you’ve done so they can check to make sure there aren’t two applications underway at the same time. Such a situation is liable to create problems.

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I haven’t even been able to set up my password yet :frowning:
Do you know how long the anti-fraud review process tends to take?


Never mind, found this on a different thread:

If you’re in the US and paid by a regular credit card, it’s usually within 24 hours. Otherwise, it may take up to 5 business days.


Just hope I don’t get charged twice :frowning: