How dreamhost *works*

I am just a curious techie customer that wonders if theres any documentation on how dreamhost works and what technologies that it employs. Ive just always wondered how the system works out of general curiosity. I know dreamhost is very open about things I was just curious if they had any docs on this.


~Robert Rittenhouse

I think you can refer to DH’s wiki site to know more about DH’s system.

You can take a look at DH’s panel

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From what I surmise it works like this:

Every user is assigned a server, which resides in a cluster. Each cluster has its own file, email, and database servers. Not sure much further than that, but that’s the general idea.

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You will find many answers on their blog.

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You have a good point.
Nah i was just wondering how distributed it is… such as they have clusters with fileservers, webservers, email servers etc. I was just wondering how its set up and how things are stored and whatnot.

I imagine this place as being clusters where each cluster has a sort of master node that works together with a webserver or group of them depending on how its scaled and whatnot.

I guess I need a good resource on how scaling like that actually takes place… any ideas? I think its just a very interesting topic…

~Robert Rittenhouse

One thing to remember is that dreamhost NFS mounts the filesystems containing the user home directories onto their webservers.

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