How Domains and hosting works?

Hi sorry I’m a bit of an amateur when it comes to this stuff but I was wondering if anyone could clear up a few things when it comes to registering a domain and hosting it.

I registered some domains with a different company and then a week or so later I discovered DreamHost and their plans persuaded me to change to them. Anyway so today I signed up for the trial shared hosting with DreamHost and clicked the option saying I already have a domain. I didn’t transfer it to DreamHost.

I went to my login at the company and changed the name servers to the dreamhost nameservers for my domains. I then went to DreamHost panel and added hosting for them and they now are live.

My question
What is stopping anyone else with dreamhost adding my domains to their account and hosting something with my domain name? I didn’t get prompted to enter a special code or anything when I added the domain to the dreamhost account. Could anyone easily add my domain to their account and start messing with me? What securities can I do to prevent this?

I’m still relatively new to all this but it just confused me.


Nothing stops the first person from adding a domain to a dreamhost account, after that if anyone else tries they get an error message that the domain can’t be added because it already exists on another account.

What’s stopping someone else from adding your domain to Dreamhost and hosting something on it, is that they can’t change the domain’s nameservers. These are under your control and you choose which DNS servers serve your domain, if you set them to Dreamhost that’s a pretty strong indication that you have setup hosting there.

True someone else could add hosting for your domain on DH but that wouldn’t be picked up by the Internet as the DNS name would simply point somewhere else, and if you are hosting your domain at DH, then DH wouldn’t allow someone else to set up hosting for that same domain.

And, to add to that: Once you’ve added your domain to your account at DreamHost, no one else can add it (or any subdomains) to their account.