How does this page look? First time using DIV

Ok… I taught myself how to code with DIVs instead of tables (OH what I was missing!!!)… and to use non breaking space… most of the link will not work because i have not yet uploaded new pages to the directory, so it is only this intro page. I am not sure how it will look in other browsers (I am using firefox with a 17 inch monitor).

If anyone gets a moment, can you glance it over the layout… and let me know what you think… or let me know if anythign is horrible amiss with it?

Do you think there are too many links on the main page? (I am not usre how businesses usually make their intro page). I wanted to get everything in there but at the same time not make it too busy looking… or should I make a button taking them to the page for crochet patterns for sale?

I also wanted to keep it a peaceful atmosphere, yet still looking as if it is a prefessional site… but also showing my creative side- which is how my patterns are, highly unique and creative.

Thank you in advance for your opinions!!

I’d recommend using the HTML validator plugin, since you are using FF (though I don’t believe they have an OSX version, if you are using it). You’ll notice that anchor tags shouldn’t have alt attributes but all images should. If you want text to pop up when hovering over something, that’s what the title attribute is for. You also may want to consider what audience you are reaching. For my sites, I have noticed ~5% are still using 800x600 resolution, which does not work well with your layout. I’d definitely redo the navigation links in as organized a manner as possible. You want all the really common/necessary ones to be on the front page. Divide the less important ones into other sections, or you can even have dynamic menus that show the links when you click on them.

The site does have a very peaceful and soft atmosphere, which is very fitting for what the content is. It’s good that you are moving away from tables (as they should only be for tabular data and not layouts), but you don’t always need divisions. If you are just modifying one paragraph, you can stylize that p tag specifically.

Hope something in that rambling is helpful!

Check out Gordaen’s Knowledge, the blog, and the MR2 page.

I would recommend changing the background image so it is not fixed, when viewing through a 1024x768 screen or lower you can scroll up and down and the links and text look a bit odd over the top of the background image after scrolling down.

You can fix this in your CSS by changing what you currently have in the body style using the code below.

body {
background: #f5efe9 url(sleepinglogob.jpg) no-repeat;

With regards to your links, there is no need to use non breaking spaces within the anchor text of the url, a normal space will suffice, example below.

Crochet Patterns For Sale

With regards to the look of the page, it fits very well with the content, well done.

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Rather nice, especially for a first time with something :slight_smile:

No problems at 1280x1024 using Firefox Minefield. Your missing a line space between “The Designer / Links” and the links after, unlike the other two bits on the menu.

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