How does one get answers to pre-sales questions?

I tried clicking on the “Have some questions first?” link. I got a “software error” error page. So, I tried sending an e-mail to I got an automated reply saying that my e-mail was rejected because my address isn’t in DreamHost’s customer database. To make matters worse the automated e-mail tried to direct me to the “Have some questions first?” page, which is unusable due to the software error. Obviously if I’m trying to send an e-mail sales with pre-sales questions I’m not a customer yet. Only accepting messages sent to sales from customers is not a viable solution to DreamHost’s spam problems. I could understand blocking e-mail to support from non-customers, but not sales. Is DreamHost trying to discourage new customers?

These forums look like they might be a good place to ask questions, but the main forum page says the forums are not rutinely checked by DreamHost employees. Where/how can I ask pre-sales questions and have them answered by DreamHost?


You could either try to ask your questions here, and hopefully some of the forum participants know the answer, or you could Create a DreamHost Web ID, which gives you access to DreamHost’s Control Panel and let you ask your questions through the support’s contact form.

I’ve just written to support, and notified them about your problems with the contact form, so hopefully the form will work again soon.

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Go ahead and ask here if you like. You are not the first with pre-sales questions.

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I just checked back and the contact form is working again…

You are still welcome to ask your questions here as well…

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Thanks for getting support’s attention for me. I must say DreamHost hasn’t made a very good first impression on me. But, I’m certainly willing to look past that. I’ve been browsing through the forums and it looks like DreamHost has lots of loyal customers. I work as a mainframe operator so I’m well aware that technical difficulties do happen.

Anyway, I just sent my pre-sales questions via the contact.cgi form. I’ll keep reading through the forums and might post a few questions here also.


Kevin - you can also try in this forum as most of us are customers and don’t mind helping new ones.


What plan is best for you?Compare from this list and select the best plan