How does it work

I am really confused as to how DH works! I mean what am I paying for? Just a single account? But what does it mean if I add an account to it?

Is this like a reseller hosting? The user interface is so confusing too.

Can i register multiple domains and point them to different directories on my host (like reseller)

or how does it all work? wats different from other hosting providers?

No, you should just ignore the multiple account thing.

Yes, you can host multiple domains on a single account. They just show up as directories under your main home directory on your server by default.

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If i host multiple domains on my account does that mean i have to pay for more hosting plans?

How do hosting plans work? 1 per account?

But i can use multiple domains on 1 account is what you are saying.

Is there any way i have to pay more than what i have alreayd payed for my account if i want to run a reseller business for example

Dreamhost doesn’t specifically have reseller accounts, but they do let you create host as many sites as you want on your one account. They even let you create additional users and assign your various websites to them rather than you. So you could create an ID for someone else and resell the hosting of their website or websites.

From what we’ve seen here from other dreamhost customers, dreamhost does hold you responsible as the original account holder for any content hosted in your account. In this way DreamHost is not particularly reseller friendly as your entire business could get banned for the actions of any single user. This is obviously not-so-good for your reseller business.

My recommendation would be to only resell hosting if you are going to be the webmaster of the site. This way you can control the scripts running on the account and can make sure your account remains in good standing. If you’re going to have additional content authors, make sure they know what content they can and can’t post (basically, they have to only post legal content which is free from copyright encumbrance).

If you’re going to do blind reselling, I think you’re taking a big chance by hosting here because of your accountability for your “subaccounts.”

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Forgive me if I’m too obvious here, I mean no offense - just trying to make things clear for you.

Dreamhost is a web host and a registrar. A Registrar reserves domain names - for you. Once you own a domain name you may point it to a host of your choice.

A Web host such as Dreamhost will sell you shared space on a server to host your files.

To have someone be able to type in your domain name - and get the website that you’ve created you need to both register a domain and host it. Those services can be done through the same company or two different ones.

When you sign up with Dreamhost for a hosting package you’re allowed to host unlimited domains and sub-domains - and You’re given x MB of storage and x TB of bandwidth. You can use those allotments however you want - as long as it’s within the TOS. Reselling is one thing that you can do with your space - however Dreamhost doesn’t exactly cater to that.

If someone is web-savy they’ll most likely know that you’re re-selling from Dreamhost. That may or may not be an issue for you - depends on what services you’re offering. Dreamhost doesn’t make things easy or automatic for you to resell though - you’ll probably have to do a lot of things behind the scenes to make that happen.

Hope this info is helpful

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