How does DreamHost process credit cards?


I was wondering what provider DreamHost uses to process credit cards and store the credit card data. I have an account and noticed that they’re able to keep the credit card data on file. I’m wondering how they do this securely.


As this is a “customer-to-customer” forum, we’d probably just be guessing. :wink: That would be a good question to pose directly to support, as they’d most likely have the “real scoop”.

They have talked a bit about their credit card handling on their blog (last year) in this post and a previous post linked to in that one. You might find some of that interesting.


When processed by google checkout, it’s google security.

When processed by Dreamhost, it’s ninja security (# 94). :wink:

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as rlparker mentioned, we can only guess because we are also customers. You may want to file a ticket to DH support for better clarification.

However, you can remove your credit card info via DH panel --> Billing --> Make Payment --> Remove this card

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if you do that you have to make sure you make the required payment to your account using CC or paypal before your renewal date.

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i hope our credit card information is secure. I always check my statements to ensure there is no theft.