How does dreamhost handle slashdot/digg effect?


I’d like to know if anyone here hosted by dreamhost experienced the slashdot effect and what has been done to resolve the issue?

2 more questions:

  1. I heard some people were booted out because of CPU overuse. What happens when you pass the limit?

  2. Some people here are promoting $97 and $50 promo codes. Are they all for the same hosting plans? I’m interested in the economy package and wondering how much I can realistically save.


As far as slashdot and digg goes, search the forum - it’s come up a few times before.

1> If you exceede your CPU usage, you’ll get a warning from dreamhost. Somesitmes they’re able to move you to a testing server where you’ll have about a mounth to sort thigns out - either move into an appropiate CPU usage or find an other hosting situation. They don’t always have space on their testing servers though, so you’ll have much less time to get things sorted out. But I don’t believe they’ll simply boot you of without warning.

You shoudl turn on resource reporting so you can watch yoru CPU usage - that way you’ll know if you’re getting close tot he 60 min limit.

2> Yes, you can use a promo code for any of the plans. The actual discount will not be 97 if you’re paying monthly (the max there is 50). So yeah, you can easly save 97 off a one year sign up. You’ll have to pay with a credit card (not paypal).



Yes. All promo-codes will work on all shared hosting plans. However, the level of discount provided by a particular promo-code for each plan type (and plan period) is totally up to the creator of the promo-code.

It is possible to create a code that provides maximum discount on one particular plan type and a much less discount (or none) on others. If in doubt, try the promo code during the sign-up process, the level of discount will be shown before you commit any funds.

I should also note that the maximum discount allowed (by DreamHost) on monthly plans is less than the discount allowed on yearly or 2 yearly plans, but the discount is usually enough to cover the setup fee on monthly plans.

It should also be noted that DreamHost recently changed the sign-up process, paying for your plan using PayPal is no longer an option if you use a promo-code.

Of-course, if you were given a promo-code by the person who originally referred you to DreamHost, then the fair thing would be to use that promo-code.


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