How does domain "mirror" option work?

I’d like to know how the “mirroring” option works in this instance: I create a subdomain at, and have it mirrored to, to it’s an easier name to remember. Does it use some kind of re-direct? Is it 302 or 301? I just don’t want to run afoul of search engines.


You don’t really mirror a site to another site; you mirror it from another site.

If you don’t know what mirroring means, and you don’t have the wherewithal to look it up, then don’t use it. 301 redirects are generally more suitable.
Very little to do with either emus or farmers!

I second the suggestion for using a redirect instead–especially since you mentioned search engines in your post.

Here are examples of the difference. In either case, the content you see is whatever you have at and is the one that either redirects or mirrors.

Redirecting will always show the user in the address bar.

Mirroring will show whichever one is typed in, but still display the content of

With mirroring, you’ll see the same thing either way. That means search engines will as well, so you could run the risk of a duplicate content penalty if both names get indexed (which only takes one link). This can even be the case by using both www and non-www versions of the domain.

With redirects, you’re safe, and it doesn’t matter which people link to… if you’re worried about PR.

An example of when to use a mirror instead would be if you’re going to dynamically load different content based on the domain that’s requested, but don’t really need to fully host the domains individually.

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