How do you upload to htaccess directory?


Hi, I’m new to this whole website thing, and as I’ve been testing things out and learning in Dreamweaver, I have come across a problem. I set up an htaccess only directory. I can browse to it and log in using a test name fine, so I think that part of it is ok. However, no matter what I try I simply cannot upload files and folders to the directory. I get “permission denied” errors using the Dreamhost ftp website and in Dreamweaver itself. Can someone please give me some direction? Thanks ahead of time.



Check the properties of the folder you are trying to upload to. It may be possible that the chmod is set to read only, not sure how to do this in dreamweaver, but in windows xp you can ftp your account via internet explorer and right click on the folder to see the properties.


Very good, I will give it a try. Thanks for your response.