How do you unregister your domain from Google Apps?

Hi all,

I added one of my domains to my new DreamHost account the other day for testing, and admittedly I can’t remember now but I don’t think I ticked the option to allow Google Apps for the domain. Unfortunately now users on my (existing, non-DreamHost) Jabber server can’t talk with users - the logs report “Stream error ( is a Google Apps Domain with Talk service enabled.)”

How can I remove this domain from Google Apps? All the Google options are unticked in the DH admin pages!

When you go to the panel under Domains -> Manage Domains, then Edit, is that domain Fully Hosted? There would be a green arrow on the left that says “Active” pointing to the Fully Hosted section. Or is your domain currently Google Hosted (the next Hosting box on the list)?

Or maybe you’ve lost the Jabber server under the Goodies section.

[edit] A Traceroute shows me that is hosted at Hurricane Electric. Is the domain you think is hosted at DreamHost?

Thanks for your reply! Yes, the domain is fully hosted according to DreamHost, and yes there’s a green arrow pointing to the fully hosted section (and the two Google options within that section are unticked.)

The nameservers for the domain still point to my old provider - although the domain is set up at DreamHost, I haven’t transferred it across yet. ( should be hosted at DreamHost however.)

The Jabber server is still running on the old host. It works fine with other providers, but from what I can make out, because Google think they host the domain, they’re not connecting to my server (instead using internal server-to-server communication.)

Panel > Manage Domains, click the Edit button next to the domain in question.

On the following page, uncheck the 2 Google options and hit the “Change to Fully Hosted now” button.

Go make a coffee and when you get back take a look at Email > CustomMX/Gmail.
If the domain reports it is using Gmail, click Edit then “Make me regular now!”.

Alright now your domains are in order you can safely login with your Domain Admin details at:[color=#CC0000][/color]

Click on the [color=#0000CC]Domain settings[/color] TAB and select [color=#0000CC]Account information[/color].

In the Account type field you will see a link that says :

Delete Google Apps for [color=#CC0000][/color]


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Under Panel > Manage Domains > Edit, the two Google options were never ticked. There is no “Change to Fully Hosted now” button.

Under Email -> Custom MX / Gmail there is no mention of Gmail.

When I visit it asks me to log in. I have no idea what the username and password are, since I never added the domain to Google Apps in the first place. When I choose “forgot my password” it tells me to contact the domain admin, which is me.

I’ve discovered that I can report my domain as being incorrectly attached to Google Apps, which I’ve done here:

Hopefully that will be enough to get the domain removed from Google Apps - fingers crossed!

It certainly will be but you might have to wait a coupla days.

Tip: it’s a blue rectangle with white text.

If you want a speedier approach than waiting for Google to get around to your ticket, you can assert your Admin status with the domain at Google Apps immediately by going into Panel > Manage Domains, click Edit next to the domain in question, and on the following page click the link that says “Register with Google Apps today”. You can’t miss it, it has a HUGE Google icon next to it.

After asserting your Admin status with Google you can then follow the directions provided earlier (starting from the login to https://www part) to remove the domain name from the Google Apps system yourself.

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Oh, brilliant - that worked instantly! I registered as the admin, logged in and then deleted Google Apps for that domain. Now my Jabber server is working properly again - hooray!

Many thanks for your help!