How do you uninstall miva?!



HOW IN THE HELL DO YOU UNINSTALL MIVA??? I am really frustrated right now. I can’t install wordpress into my main domain because it says I have miva installed, which I don’t. So, I tried actually installing miva into a different domain so that I could install wordpress into my primary domain. Still doesn’t work. I don’t even use miva. The only information I could find on disabling miva is not valid, as the panel has changed since the directions were posted. No luck in forums either. The main information I found in forums is that dreamhost won’t or can’t answer any questions regarding how to uninstall miva. HULK MAD!!!


allright, relax there. There was a thread about this a couple weeks ago. Read it through, I posted towards the end with the best advice I could come up with. If not, contact support and ask them for help.