How do you temp disable website and email?

I have searched for these terms and could not find anything in here.

I want to disable website and email until full payment might be received from my client. How do I?

Typically I just go into the properties in my FTP and disable everything but the ownership permissions, but doesnt that diable to email. The only way to disable email is to go to the email accounts and disable, one by one. Any way faster. One click and the who website and email would be disabled?

I’d just change their password - that should shut everything down with a single stroke and allow me to re-enable everything just as easily. :wink:


An awesomely cruel method (albeit with a lag time problem) is to change the DNS record. That’ll kill everything.

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True! Or simply “delete” the hosting (NOT the domain) in the control panel - no lag to disconnect, and only a “smallish” lag upon reinstatement.

"We have now deactivated!

Within a few minutes it will give a “bad_httpd_conf” error, and within a day or so it won’t resolve at all in your browser.

If you’d like to re-add service, just come back to this page!

The Happy DreamHost Web Service Deactivating Robot!"

… I think that’s the way to go!