How do you setup FTP chroot on DH?

I’d like to setup FTP only accounts I can give to partners that “jail” their SFTP user account inside their home directory. However, I’d like to be able to access to all their files as a shell/admin user.

I’ve created an SFTP user, but that user can still navigate to the home directories other users and see their files. Is there a way to use chroot to accomplish this?

FTP and SFTP are two different things. FTP is already chrooted. Enable SFTP is what lets them out. If you’re going to go the SFTP route, try using Groups (Option 1):

Each user gets their own group, and you’re a member of it. chgrp will keep other users out of their (and your) directory. They won’t be sandboxed, but they won’t get into your other directories. Limiting them to FTP will sandbox them, though.