How do you remove a site redirect?

I signed up about 4-5 hours ago and was unaware of the propagation delay and my site not appearing straight away.

I thought something was wrong and took a look through the settings in ‘manage my domain’ and wanted to do a test. I thought id see if I redirected my domain to a random site, if it would work… AND it did. I then wanted to remove this redirection but when I removed it and left the field empty, I got an error telling me “you must redirect somewhere !”.

The only way I could figure out how to delete the field was to delete ‘everything’ and re add a new domain.

Now I have my domain back up and it is showing as fully hosted. It is also showing nothing in the ‘Redirect to URL:’ field BUT it is still redirecting to the website I setup (and removed) hours ago.

Is it just a matter of waiting longer ?
and if I do something foolish like this in the future, how do I remove it without getting the above error message telling me that I ‘must’ redirect to something.


Hi there,

I see that the URL is working . Waiting on DNS propagation was all that was needed here. If you are still not seeing the domain try clearing your cache. If you have any more questions or need further support please do not hesitate to ask us

Matt C

To remove a redirect just set is as Fully Hosted (or any other choice). Clearing the redirect field and pressing the button does nothing but give the error you saw. Basically whenever you Edit a domain just choose what end result you want and don’t pay any attention to what settings already exist.