How do you reinstall php5?

I installed a custom PHP5 via the wiki article but then noticed i forgot to installed bcmath. so i need to reinstall it. anyone know how?

the wiki article i used:

If the source files are still on your site, you can skip the wget section of the script. Otherwise just rerun the script. If you want to make sure your viewers don’t get any problems(like possibly seeing your php code, doubt it will happen, but better to be safe), you could temporaraly change the php back over to DH control, when your done add the lines back into your htaccess file.

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Heres more info on my problem: The GD2 didnt work, users would get PHP errors, and bcmath wasnt enabled. So im trying again from stratch.

I already deleted the script.

Thats what I did. I deleted the php folder, the htaccess, and the php in the cgi-bin, and i tried rerunning the script, but it just failed in the middle.

Right now my site is using the DH PHP.

Is there any way to just reset my server back to the dreamhost defaults or something? I dont have any important cgi scripts on my server so a reset wouldnt hurt.

If not is there any other trick?

By removing what you put in the htaccess file, to point to your copy of php, will allow your site to use the DH copy of php which has its own default settings, as they can not be changed.
If I recall there were a few things the script was not yet able to do, such as pear. So its possible some of the things you want are not set up in the script yet.

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ahh i see, so how did you install it?

I only used the default script. I prefer to wait for who ever does the script to update it. As I beleive pear among other things would be very useful. I still have a lot to learn in that area myself. But I found following the directions to the T works. I am sure as I update each time I’ll learn more about the process.

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