How do you measure uptime on your site?


How does one get a measure of a websites uptime over a period of time? Is there a way to do this “historically”? I have Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools installed.

And I notice that these types of apps allow you to monitor your site’s uptime:

but if you have to install them and then they monitor it.

Is there a way to go back and check? Or do you have to have installed something that monitors it in the first place?


I use Pingdom.

Thanks for the mashable link, there are a couple of the services listed that I wasn’t yet familiar with.

To answer the question about going back in time, no these services don’t allow you to do that, they offer real time monitoring from different locations around the world. In most cases, their servers “visit” your site in the same way a user would. These services also have other features designed to alert you if your site goes down in real-time. The best monitor from multiple locations around the world, which means they can reasonably detect the difference between your site actually being down and internet health issues.

Google analytics isn’t checking to see if a user CAN reach your site, it gives statistics who DID reach your site.

like bobocat, I use Pingdom.

If you’re using WordPress, it has a new feature in Jetpack called “Monitor” which will contact you if your site is down.

But I too use pingdom, since it keeps a historical which will tell you what the past was, for as long as you’ve been using it.

I block pingdom since they seem to have a problem with obeying robots.txt directives. They harvest your site data for sale. I guess they justify it because you get uptime reports. Personally, I’ve always felt this was theft. YMMV.

And you think Google Analytics doesn’t? :slight_smile: Not to knock it, because I think you’re totally justified in the ‘OBEY MY ROBOTS!’ hate (seriously the web is built on trust here), but when you’re getting a free service, it’s because you’re what they’re selling :confused:

I don’t use Google Analytics either. I do use Adsence and I figure the income I receive is a fair trade-off for the traffic data Google gets, but a ping service falls significantly short of that symbiotic exchange IMO.

It’s up to each webmaster to decide what is beneficial and what isn’t; sometimes that distinction isn’t so clear. I try and do the research to discover just where my zeitgeist ends up. However, sometimes what was once positive evolves into being very negative.

I totally agree! :smiley: I love seeing other people with what my friends call ‘tinfoil hats’ :wink: I’m really not a paranoid, I just weigh the tradeoffs too. Do I get enough benefit from Google to outweigh their shenanigans :slight_smile: Props on you for actually doing the research!