How do you limit billing?


Hi… I heard (and recall seeing a long time ago) that you can limit the maximum that your credit card is charged by DH at any given time. I have looked and looked and I can’t find this option anymore.

Is it still available? If so, could someone please direct me to it?
Is this option no longer available?

Thanks for any help!

#2 - and it will be under the autopay section.

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Never mind… I went back to my panel and looked at Billing again and found it. I kept missing it. In case anyone is interested, this is where to find it:

–Make Payment
----Credit Card Auto Pay (Enabled) [in my case]

Just click on “Credit Card Auto Pay” and it will give you an option to check mark to limit DH to billing a maximum of XX dollars on any given day.

Don’t forget to click “Update Automatic Rebill Settings”

That’s all there is to it.


Thanks! I guess we were sending messages at the same time. Thanks for such a quick response though. :slight_smile: