How do you keep Nodejs app running when terminal is closed

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I’ve had a VPS for about a year now and the sole purpose of me getting it is so I can host node js apps. However, after you run the command npm start and close the terminal, the app stops. That means I must keep a terminal open at all times for my website to work. I’ve asked this question before and didn’t get any responses to fix this issue. It is unreal that Dreamhost allows for you to run Nodejs but does not provide a way to run app the without the terminal open.

Please install the command forever, that allows for node apps to run without the terminal open or do something so this ridiculous situation doesn’t occur.


You should be able to run NodeJS apps using Passenger. If that’s not working, you need to investigate why and solve that. Share more information about your app, how you deploy it, what errors you get when using Passenger (or why you can’t use that).


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