How do you handle jumps to PDF pages?

I’ve been trying out WP to see how well it will handle everything I’ve been doing with my agency’s original webpage. One problem I’ve encountered is that I had a navigation bar with some items that immediately linked to a PDF project. In WP, all I’ve been able to do is set up a nav bar that goes to a intermediate pass with one link on it, then the user can go to the PDF poster. Is there a way skip past this unnecessary page and display the PDF rather than triggering a download?

I generally just put in a link to directly on my menu.

If you go to the WP Admin page Appearances -> Menu, you can create a custom menu with direct links to the PDF.

I’m looking at it now. I guess I don’t remember how I created the base navigation menu in the first place. Where do I paste the link directly to the pdf here?

On the right, see how there’s an item called “links”? Click that, paste the URL into the link field there :slight_smile: