How do use SSL certificate on my site?


Hello everybody.
First, sorry for my bad english, it’s not my main language. I use GG translate for asking, hope you understands :smiley:

The basical problem is that i want to create an SSL for my site. My site use WordPress, hosted on Dreamhost with Shared plan, using unique-ip. I has DNS it through CloudFlare. Now I want to buy Comondo SSL through Dreamhost Panel, then active it for my site. I has read DreamHost Knowledges, but not understands what to-do first ^^!. This’s first time with me.

Anyone at there that have free time can help me? step-by-step what i need to do.

PS: I found the helpful article at , and can following it. But after I has bought an SSL and Installed on my site, what next to do on CloudFlare to ensure my site always available ?

Many thanks.