How do the promo's work?

Hello all,
I am thinking about purchasing a dreamhost account this week (the 1 or 2 years plan), and I just noticed that people have referal/promo links where we have up to $97 a year.
Now for a 2 year plan this is only like $50 USD, and would I need to order more years or just the 2 year plan?


You can order a 2 year plan, or even a one year or monthly plan and still obtain a promo-code discount. I should note that the max discount allowable on monthly plans is somewhat less than the full $97.

After you initial plan expires, you can choose to renew at the full normal price, or cancel your hosting. You are under no obligation to renew.

The exact amount of the discount can vary between plan type/duration, but the person providing the promo-code will usually make it clear exactly what discount you will get for any particular plan.

Put simply, promo-codes are an extension of the $97 rewards payment that DreamHost offers for anyone who refers a new customer to DreamHost. They are a way that existing customers can share their rewards payment with those that they refer.


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the maximum discount is $97 for a 1 or 2 year plan, not $97 per year. a 2 year level 1 plan is normally $190.80, minus the maximum promo code discount it is $93.80, still great value! :slight_smile:

just the 2 years or less if you like. when that time is up you decide if you want to leave or stay and pay the full price for your renewal (its worth it :slight_smile: )

the promo code system is a terrific way for people to try dreamhost for a year or two at a great discount. give it a try, you wont be sorry.

Pay just [color=#CC0000]$22.40[/color] for 1 year Dreamhost hosting, use promo-code [color=#CC0000]MOJO97[/color]
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Don’t think twice just because the promo code is one time only. DreamHost is worth the full renew price, but maybe you don’t even need to pay that. When you signup you can use the promo codes like us, and you may give the promotion code to friends and people you talk, and your hosting will be paid helping others.

I can’t think of any better way of earning money… by helping people :slight_smile:

My hosting is renewed for one more year thanks to people who used my smaller codes ($90 off) and now I just give all the money earned with that code to those Charities that DreamHost chooses. And DH doubles the ammount collected!

It’s great… don’t think twice. Use any $97 code (if they discount $97, they are all the same), and join this family :slight_smile:

DreamHost $97 discount code: 97promo «« Check other codes on
:slight_smile: All money from 90promo was given to Santa’s Helpers Charity :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the replies guys, paying for the additional year(s) isn’t a problem.
Next question, I am a webdesigner/coder and I might need to host a clients website ( Is this ok for DH?

Yes. Not only is this “ok” for Dreamhost, Dreamhost’s allowing you to host an unlimited number of domains at no additional charge, sharing the storage and bandwidth quotas between them, is one of the things that makes Dreamhost such a good deal! Go for it!

One piece of advice: Though you can set up multiple domains under the same user (and since it so easy to do, many do it that way!), you will gain considerable advantages if you set each client’s domain(s) up under their own user. This makes it easier for you to manage “sub-quotas”, protects you from having all your clients’ sites impacted if a single client “spams” or has a “runaway script”, or if you need to give a client direct (ftp, shell, etc.) access to the directory(ies) where their domains’ files are stored. While you would then need to login as that user to manage the site, I think the safety and security advantages of doing it this way far outweigh the inconvenience of you managing multiple logins. :wink:

One last thing - It is generally much better for the forum if you separate “new” questions into a thread of their own, as it makes it easier for other users to find information that may be relevant to their problem - for instance, no one would think to look under “How do the Promo’s work” do learn about hosting multiple domains (which is whay I changed the title on my response) :wink:


To add to what rlparker has already said; I think you will find the DreamHost method of hosting multiple domains/sub-domains extremely easy to grasp. It is, in my opinion, vastly superior to the way these things are handled under most other hosts (ie: those using cPanel).


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Thanks guys, because some hosts say “X Amount of domains” but do not allow me to host clients sites since the company does not belong to me.
And since the clients site will only be a frontend (no forums, etc) there is no worries for creating their own account until I have enough clients to ask them to create their own accounts.


It’s fortunate that there is no such restriction here at DreamHost. You are free to host as many of your clients domains/sites as you wish, charging whatever you wish for the service.


Save [color=#CC0000]$50[/color] on DreamHost hosting using promo code [color=#CC0000]SAVEMONEY[/color] ( Click for promo code details )

And thank you for changing the subject title :slight_smile:

My question then is How do you set up multiple domains?

I’ve already successfully set up a mirror for one of my sites so I can test it before I change the DNS info, but I need to do the same for some of my other sites.

I’m assuming it’s not the same process since setting up a mirror’s last step says to choose from a drop down menu which right now only shows one url for me (the one I have already set up).

You add hosting for additional domains via the Control Panel–>Manage Domains screen. Scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see a link to Add a New Domain / Sub-Domain. Just select that link, and fill in the form (similar to what you used when you defined your first domain when signing up), and submit it.

Once you have added hosting for a new domain, you can manipulate it further as needed (setup a mirror, etc.).