How do I verify my site prior to DNS change?

Background: a customer owns a domain which is currently registered and hosted with separate companies. Customer is transferring only the hosting to me (Dreamhost).

I have downloaded all website files from the current host provider and uploaded to the new domain I have established on Dreamhost. I want to verify that the site is in working order prior to requesting the DNS change from the current registrar.

I have tried accessing the site via the www IP address provided under the DNS records for the domain under Dreamhost’s manage domains console.

When accessing this IP, I am provided with:
error id: “bad_httpd_conf”

I know this may have something to do with the DNS transfer not being completed as of yet so overall, I need to know how can I access this site on Dreamhost to verify prior to submitting the DNS change to the registrar?

FYI, I have tried rebuilding http conf by re-saving the fully hosted settings which has not worked- even after waiting well over an hour.

What am I doing wrong here?


these wiki pages should help:

Thanks, LakeRat! I searched the forums and didn’t find this one, so I appreciate you pointing me in the right direction.

I have created the subdomain off of dreamhosters. Was hoping to be able to do this tonight but it looks like it will take 3-9 hours to be set-up.

Thanks again,

To add a little more explanation to answer your question, you can’t access sites in a shared server via IP address becasue the webserver can’t tell who’s set of files to serve up without the domain being named. For example lets say that you and I had an account on the same server and we both had folders named /wordpress and a request comes for ht tp:// who’s wordpress site gets served yours or mine?

I’ve read this article and am still a bit baffled. If I set up a subdomain, doesn’t it need all the Wordpress stuff and content installed in it, instead of in the main domain?

No. You would put everything into the folder and set up a subdomain to be a mirror of it. Just be sure to have your configuration files referencing the subdomain until your domain actually starts propagating. When it does you just change the configuration files to reference the domain and you can deactivate the mirror.

OK. I shall so attempt. Thanks!

Thanks guys! Up and operational.