How do I upload to my website? Want to chuck Dreamhost!

This is all I have, Maildir and logs. There’s no directory for my site.

If find the Dreamhost dashboard ridiculously opaque. It also looks like it was designed in 1996.

I cannot figure anything out.

I’ve manged to connect with an FTP client, at last. But… there’s no directory for my website.

How do I do this?

I made a user and have logged in as that.

Why, why, why, WHY, why isn’t there some CLEAR guide on this?

I’m really frustrated. Other hosting services seem to get this so much better.

This is all I get.

Did you add your domain on the “manage domains” page of the panel?

Does the “web hosting” column on that page say “fully hosted”?

If it does say fully hosted a username will also appear there, is that the username you are logging into the server with?

The user associated with the domain will have a directory created by dreamhost with the same name as the domain name, putting an index file in that directory and that index is used for the root level of the domain.

Thank you very much.

I thought I’d deleted my question and thread.

I figured out it was because I didn’t have user configure for the site.

Something like that.