How do I upload mp3s for playback and download?

I’m going to list what I want to know in bullet points because I’m not sure how to describe what I want in a lengthy format.

[]How to I get my mp3s to playback on my site?
]How do I get my mp3s to have the option to be dowloaded?

I don’t have a VPS with dreamhost, just the regular site hosting.

If anyone has a link on how to code to get what I want that would be great, I don’t want to waste anyone’s time.

The playback is browser-side unless you install a utility (like flash) to play them.

To have the browser play the audio file, just use a simple action tag:

<a href="example.mp3">Play this Song</a>

To have something like a flash player do it, read this:


Using the action tag, a Windows user can choose to download (instead of play) by right-click and choose “save file.” Apple users have their own way of doing it. You could give instructions, although most users probably know this by now.

If you use that fancy flash mp3 player, the user will not be able to save the file. To allow the user to download the file, add the action tag beneath the flash player. Then add this to you htaccess file:

<files *.mp3>ForceType applicaton/octet-stream</files>

Now the action tag will not play the file, but only download the file.

what is site built on? simple php? Wordpress, Joomla…?

I ask because WordPress now has this functionality built in. You can upload an audio file and choose if you want a link to the file, or a player to show up.

If you want both, you could just insert it twice, one as a link ,and one as a player,

Interesting. I didn’t know that. I code everything by hand, never used WP, Joomla, etc… although I’ve built utilities that closely resembled the functionality of these cookie-cutter CMSs. Actually I think it’s great that everyone gets to have a nice looking/functioning site nowadays without actually knowing anything - LOL. The only drawback is sometimes these DBs hog resources on shared hosting that affects their neighbors.

I would not go so far as to say that. It does work for quickly throwing up a site, but things often need quite a bit of tweaking.

Having said that, WordPress works nicely as a starting point. I usually write a theme from scratch to avoid all of the additional cruft that gets loaded.

As an aside - almost all the probes & hack attempts I get (and there are hundreds per day) are for WP files, which I don’t have. It does serve a convenient purpose, giving me IPs to block. Besides the endless server farms that house bad agents, I see a ton of infected/droned computers from all the world being used. Amazing how so many people don’t maintain their system security updates.