How do i upload files?

are you logging into FTP with the user name and pass that is set up with your domain?

you can have multiple accounts, but only one acutally has access vai FPT to upload files for your doamin. you can go to domains > manage and click to edut the http server for the doamin to see what user is set for the doamin.


Well, yeah, I see there is no index.html in your domain root

[quote]So I uploaded a directory inside
called /


Don’t need to upload a second directory, there should already be a directory in there called

[quote]When i went into my FTP via


Make sure you ftp to, that is where your virtual domain file is. That might be the problem.

ahhh got it. i figured out what i was doing wrong. I was accessing ftp via another account that i set up with access rather than the original account dreamhost gave me.

anyways… now i cant upload .mp3s… help?