How do I update PHP?

After the foo we went through getting a custom PHP install and APC running, we ended up with PHP 5.2.5 installed.

I can’t for the life of me and Google find the command to update PHP.

Tenstones Gaming Community

There is no update command. Just reinstall php again. The script on the wiki should be pointing to the lastest version of php.

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I can’t use something like:

sudo php5 apt-get install php5-cgi php5-cli

I got that from: which says it’s for going from php4 to php5.

Tenstones Gaming Community

That works swell if you have root access and want to upgrade the standard installation. However, your private PHP contained in your user account will need a manual process, as all the paths are different.


On the sudo: If everyone on a shared server had the ability to update/reinstall the entire server environment, mayhem would ensue. Having the ability to customise your own environment on a user level is something 99% of shared hosts don’t provide. We’re quite fortunate here at Dreamhost.

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