How do I Update an Open Support Ticket

I can’t figure out where I can add additional information on an open support ticket. The only link I see when I look at the ticket is an option (in the browser) to “remove” the ticket. Am I missing something obvious?

The only way I know to deal with a ticket beyond the initial submission is by email. I think this is one of the panel shortcomings thy are working on, but I don’t know for certain.

I see being able to “update”, or in effect “reopen”, an existing support ticket via email (with the Ticket Number in the Subject line, of course) as being more convenient that going back to the panel to “re-open” the ticket; but that is just my opinion - YMMV.

I mean, how much easier can it be to just “reply” to the email you received from support to “continue” the ticket. WHile generally speaking, DH suppor has resolved my issues with a single response, I have had several situations where we exchanged several email, over several days, all on the same “ticket” - just responding to each other’s emails. At any rate, it has worked well for me. :wink:


I believe that the the OP may have been thinking more alone the lines of adding more informaiton to an open, yet not replied to, support ticket. To that, I think that you can just put in an other support ticket and as long as the subjects lines match the support rep will see that and read both.

–Matttail - personal website

Good Point, Mattail! You got the original poster’s point better than I did. Thanks for giving him/her a better answer!