How do I transfer my WP database to Dreamhost?



I’m moving several domains with wp blogs to Dreamhost, but I can’t figure out how to transfer their mySQL databases. I used the one-click install to install wp. That’s as far as I got. Help!


see the migrate mysql entry in the wiki

Please let me know if anything doesn’t make sense.

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Thanks, I found that page. I guess my problem is I can’t find phpMyAdmin, and I don’t know how to use the shell.

Update: Okay, I think I got it. phpMyAdmin is at, correct? Which means I’ll have to transfer my domain before I can move the database? Oy.


phpmyadmin is located at the host name you set up. You can add multiple host names for the same database, so just add on a hostname at so you can access before transfering your domain over.

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Thanks, I’ll try that but I don’t really understand how. Can you give me a link to instructions somewhere?


Since this is a fairly new feature, I don’t think there’s written instructiosn anywhere yet.

I’ll do my best here. First you’ll want to set up your domain and the database. These are both not accessable by your browser becuase DNS hasn’t been updated yet.

In the same way that you can create a mirrored domain to access your site via http, we’re going to create an other host name you can use to access the database.

Log into the panel > Goodies > Manage Mysql. Find your database and click the link “Hostname(s) for this MySQL server: [Add One]” Now add a host name like You’ll be able to use this to access phpmyadmin to upload your mysql database if it’s smaller than 7mb.

What if your database is larger than 7mb? You’ll have to fill the database through shell access, and if you’re using shell access you don’t need to add the dreamhosters host name. Your wordpress blog running on dreamhost will be able to access the hast name as if you had already transfered the DNS for your domain over. The server you’re hosted on looks entries up in the DH DNS first, and then goes to an outside source if it doesn’t find anything.

Does that make sense? You’ll use the one click install of wordpress to put your install at, with a hostname and database at Then set up a mirror of at or somehting similiar. If you also want phpmyadmin access before you switch over your DNS, add an host name for your database at

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Great, thanks for the detailed instructions!


Matt, I couldn’t figure out how to do this back when you posted it, so I procrastinated. Just tried again and I realized what the problem is: there is no option to use the domain as a hostname on the Manage Mysql page. What do I do now?


I know WP very well so am sure that it’ll be easy to help you do this, first off make sure you backup ALL your WP files AND databases.

contains some useful pointers. I would also suggest that you install your current WP files & data as the 1 click install peforms a clean install with default data if you are ‘migrating’ then you should already have all you need?

When backing up your database you need to backup the structre & data (your present host should have a control panel and/or phpMyAdmin )

It would be helpful if you can indicate what control panel you have access to now i.e cpanel or plesk etc

The propogation of you domain shouldn’t take too long anyway so for peace of mind you may simply wish to wait until it does if you are not familiar with unresolved IP access etc