How do i transfer from

Hi !

I am about to choose a host for my blogs and i they are actually free hosted on Is it possible to transfer my free hosted blogs to dreamhost ?

If yes…is there a fee ? Is it complicated ? How does it work ?

Also, can i host unlimited domains if they are already registered ?
Can you host a forum ?

Thanks a lot !



no ADDITIONAL charges, you still have to pay for hosting, and perhaps domain registration etc.

How complicated it is depends on your skill levels, its pretty straight forward, but if you don’t understand certain things related to hosting etc the task may seem more confusing.

Here’s a few articles you should review:



FWIW, you can pay $99 or so to move your domain over, which will keep your theme and settings as much as possible. They’re the only ones who can do that, since their server is … well, complicated :slight_smile: If you’ve never moved/installed WP before, it’s a pretty good deal, and far less than many privateers charge for similar service.