How do I transfer a domain

I have a little problem here. A friend of mine owns a domain that I would like to have. He’s willing to give me the domain but every time I try to transfer the domain something goes wrong.

All the information that I’ve seen online about transferring domains seems to be about people tranferring from one registrar to another and with the same owner. How do I transfer a domain from a different owner?

I don’t think it’s different. You need to initiate the transfer at your end. You may need the auth code. Are you transferring it from one registrar to another (i.e. GoDaddy or DreamHost)?


His host is Tucows. I want to transfer it to Dreamhost. I tried this a while back when I was using GoDaddy and things didn’t work. Does he need to do anything special with his registrar before I initiate the tranfer?

I don’t think he has to do anything until after you begin the initiation. Though if he has an authorization code for his domain, he should start looking for that.

Just initiate the transfer here and it’ll tell you what to do after that.


I’ll give it a shot and see what happens.


Make sure he unlocks it before you initiate the transfer, if he hasn’t already.

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