How do I test my website without DNS?

I am building a site but the DNS is not yet updated to pointing to dreamhost ones. In this case, how do I view my site as if it is on the internet? Is there an IP I can use to directly go to my site?

Thanks for helping.

This is a very often asked question, but luckily there is help in the Knowledge Base:

Viewing site before DNS change
How can I seamlessly transfer my site to DreamHost from another host?

Best of luck with your new website…

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This question has also been answered many times before on this forum, if you search.


It did not work well… After I installed xoops on the site, I browsed to the, it shows strange page, looks like something is missing because it is just plain text in bad format. Then I tried to log in as admin, it complains it cannot connects to (where xxx is the real domain I am going to host).

I have a question, how do you guys set up mysql database when you do this testing? I set the physical path to be and virtual path to be as well, should I set the virtual path to