How do I submit a bug for DreamObjects?

I’ve run into a a minor S3 API compatibility bug in DreamObjects that is preventing my application from working w/ DreamObjects.

Where/how do I report the bug?

Feel free to submit a support ticket or email me.


Thanks, Justin.
I just had trouble figuring out the right category to tag the ticket with. I submitted the ticket.

Got it. I’ll do some investigating.

Thanks for the report! It turns out there is a bug in the RADOS Gateway (RGW) portion of Ceph that’s responsible for handling the customer-facing API. Other operations are returning the content-type of “application/xml” but the put object copy is not. I also noticed that it’s not returning the ETag in the XML either. I’ve created a bug report and hope to hear more soon.

I’m guessing this isn’t a high priority bug so I doubt it will be fixed very soon. I did some testing with s3cmd and it seemed to handle copies without issue and I know it’s using boto under the hood for it’s API operations. You may want to look into adjusting your script if possible.

Thanks for following through on this, Justin.

Alas, it looks like we’ll have to keep our data at Amazon for a while longer :frowning:
Moving our data to DH was already making management a little nervous.