How do I start the fastcgi process?


I have a rails app installed with fastcgi but when I try it, my browser says it can’t load the page. I don’t see any process running when I do a “ps -A”. There used to be a some fcgi scripts running, if I remember well. How do I start those processes? I thought they should start automatically upon a request from a browser but it is obviously not the

I never figured that out and when I first installed my app, it eventually started working somehow (the processes started) but it doesn’t anymore. What do I have to do to start my application???

BTW: my app hasn’t changed! It just didn’t restart after the last power outage.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I can’t imagine I am the only one with that problem, I haven’t seen anything about it in the wiki.

Either of these help?

$1 for me << [color=#00CC00]SE7ENOF9[/color] | [color=#CC0000]SE7ENOF97[/color] >> All for you

Nope! Been there, done that. There is just nothing to "RE"start. The processes just don’t run in the first place.

The second link you post seems promising: somebody posted that he knew the solution and that he would post it at
but it is a broken link (I guess he didn’t have the solution after all if his app is down again :wink: )

Thanks anyways for the input. At least I realize I am not the only one with that problem.

It would be nice for the people with a solution to include it in the wiki.