How do I set up with VBB

help , I’m a beginner …I just sign up with Dreamhost and I’m trying to set up with VBB forum …thankssssssssss

VBB? I believe the correct is vBulletin, right?

It’s easy up your files and go to url

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yes , I know how to set up from vbb , but I dont know how to do it on dreamhost cpanel … dreamhost cpanel kindda diff from the others host …

Vbulletin not is a free software!!! Then you never will find this software in DreamHost cPanel on automatically install system. you can find information about price and how to purchase…

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geeze , you dont get it huh … ok
I purchased a LEGAL license from VBB which I paid $160 for it …it has nothing to do between vbb and cpanel , yes I know … I was wondering about dreamhost cpanel …kindda hard to follow … that’s all …

You’re not gonna go a lot with the panel to set up this forum. You’ll probaby be needing a mysql database - you can set that up through the panel. After that You’ll need to upload your files using FTP. Then you’ll probably need to connect up to the site with a internet browser to finish configuring.

I’d sigguest that you find instructions on how to set up the forum from a VBB manual. See what it says. When you come to something you don’t know how to accomplish, ask specific questions on this forum. Asking, how do I install this? won’t get you very far. But asking, how do I set up a new mysql database through the panel? will. There’s probably not a lot of poeple here who use pay forum-software so I don’t think you’re going to get a pre-made step by step dreamhost walkthrough.


I’ve never paid for a forum before, but I guess it’s the same way.
If you paid $160 for it, hopefully there’s a read me…
But still,
Login to DreamPanel (a.k.a. DreamHostControlPanel)
Click Goodies -> MySQL
DB Name: anything, I recomend something like firstpartofdomain_vb
DB Hostname: This is what you enter for the host (it won’t be localhost, it will be I would recomend calling it what the forum is something like
DB Username: something easy to remember, posibly same as the database?
DB Password & Repeat Password: whatever you feel like.

Then upload all the files your told to upload.
Then go to the install.php file.
Fill out what you put, and remember there’s no such thing as localhost.
If it tells you to run a query in phpMyAdmin, go to and login. Then select the database and run the query…

Hope this helps

I don’t know anything else about vB… I think it’s too explensive compared to phpBB or PunBB or TMB or…