How do I set up e-mail for Outlook Express?

I know my user and password are correct because I can log into my account through webmail.

However whenever I try to add an IMAP account into Outlook Express and attempt to refresh the folder list it gives me a user / password error.

Login name: user (of

Is this info right?


technically, your account id is your mailbox number ie m123456. Also, make sure you have checked smtp server requires authentication. your outgoing smtp mailserver may need to have some changes…who is your home/office (where this computer is located)'s internet service provider?

Thanks, yeah I’ve been using the first half of the e-mail address as the username and not the m###### account.

i’m going crazy here.

I can’t seem to find the username for my mailbox - I’m in the (where you edit mailboxes/addresses) and there’s nothing but my name and my domain. Is it possible that I’m one of the lucky few that actually got an intelligible mailbox username? (instead of m234009843 or something like that).



Each full user (ftp-only or telnet/ssh) has a mailbox associated with their username. When you create an additional address you can point it to a “real” user’s mailbox, or (by default, I believe) have it point to “generate a new one”. In the latter case, you end up with a m###### mailbox login.


Has nothing to do with luck. There are 3 classes of users:

  1. shell
  2. ftp
  3. mail

#1 Gets access to shell, ftp, and mail
#2 Gets access to ftp and mail
#3 Gets access to only mail (“mail only”)

With the way the shared hosting works, machines are grouped into clusters. And usernames are unique to the cluster. So when you create a #1 or #2 user, you get to pick a name, but it has to be one that no one else on the cluster has picked (or you get a collision: “already in use”)

When you create a #3 user, the system uses a number to avoid collision, hence the m9999999 usernames. You create mail-only users when you create a new e-mail address on choose to “generate a new one” for Mailbox Login.

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Do i need to create a user account for the mailbox? Right now i only have 1 user account and 1 mailbox HOWEVER they have two differnt names and are in no way (that i can see) linked to eachother.

btw thanks for being patient with a newb like myself : )

Hmm. I’m hoping we’re not seeing two different versions of the web panel, but here goes step by step:

  1. Go to Mail -> Addresses

  2. This should bring up a two-part table. The top part starts off with this:
    “All email addresses, showing mailboxes first then addresses by domain.”

  3. There will be three columns. The one in the middle is labeled:
    “Email Address
    "Mailbox Name” Login
    Disk / Max (%)"

a. E-mail Address is the primary address for the mailbox
b. “Mailbox Name” is just a label, it doesn’t do anything.
c. Login is the username on the machine.

If Login is not m9999999 format, then there should be a correspending user in the Users -> Users panel.

All users from the Users panel should appear as a “Login” in this column. If you have a user on the Users panel that is not listed as a “Login” in this column, then there is no primary address for its mailbox (must have on to be listed here). To fix this, choose “Create a new address”, then check “deliver to this mailbox:” and select the missing user from the “Mailbox Login” dropdown menu.

You might see somethind different, the URL for mine is

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