How do I set up alias's for my dream host account?

I am needing to know since sending in a report to Dreamhost gets you no answers. How do you do alias’s

Say I have and I need to send and recieve from that address ( its for a email client email group I am apart of )

I need to be able to do that one plus, and so on and so on…

I would love to switch back to having dream host and have them host everything instead of having to pay someone else to host my email.


If you have a plan that has unlimited email addresses (DreamHost Shared Unlimited plan is the cheapest option) then they can all be set up within the Mail section of your DreamHost Panel.

First ensure the domain is attached to your account:
Panel → Domains → Manage Domains

Next navigate to email management:
Panel → Mail → Manage Email

  • Click Create New Email Address
  • Fill out the Fully Hosted Email section and click Create Address

Add as few or as many email accounts as you desire.

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