How do I see who saw what


I was just browsing the site statistics logs today, and saw some requests from some fairly interesting domains.

What I really want to know is what pages they actually requested. I know where the log files are kept, but I’d really appreciate if someone could point this out to me.


Beetle B.

If you’re seeing referrer requests from domains that are adult in nature, that’s called referrer spam. It’s just the same as email and comment spam. Just ignore it.

Or do what I do and setup your .htaccess file to block referrals from those domains :slight_smile:

bryan | website

Actually, the referrer domain was anything BUT spam/adult.

I’m not trying to find out their identity - just the pages that they accessed on my site. How can I find that out via the logs?


Beetle B.

Do a google search of of their site for your site. Enter the following without quotes: “