How do I Respond to a ticket Reply

Hi Everyone,

I have submitted a support ticket and have had a reply requesting more information. I assume I just have to reply to the Emails from my inbox. The problem I am having is I reply and the Emails are coming back undelivered can some please explain how one is to reply correctly?



Hi Terry,

If you are not able to reply to the support ticket email our team sent you. Please send in a new ticket with your reply here:

Matt C

Thanks for the reply Matt but it does not help as all the link does is take me to the login page, which I do, then I go to my support Emails with no option to create another one.

This might be part of the issue I have stated at the top of my page:-
“Our Technical Operations team is noticing Junk Mail Filtering queues filling up, and are working to mitigate the problems we are noticing to alleviate delays and intermittent connections that can be occurring tied to this issue.”

I have been trying to set up Thunderbird to get the Emails that is probably causing this problem and each day it is probably getting worse, this is what the support ticket is about.


Please supply us with the support ticket# or the domain name on the account and we’ll look into the status,


Thanks Matt,

Ticket #117311318


I Have to say Dreamhosts Email System is not as good as Cpanels. I have just logged into my Email account to get rid of alot of Emails to help solve a few problems. In Cpanel I can select a whole page of Emails with one click and then delete the whole page with another click. Having to select each Email individually is a complete waste of time, at least I could drag the selected emails to the trash bin.

I have been putting more Emails in the Trash can in my account to reduce the size of inbox. Please do not tell me I have to select each one in the Trash can to delete properly that will take the biscuit if it is the only solution!

You can definitely select all at once.

Thank you for your reply. But how do I do that? I might have not all the things listed because of the message on my account.

Whilst I do not know how to select all Emails in my Webmail inbox I have found out how to quickly get rid of them once I have them in the trash can. There is an option in the settings to turn on for the Trash can to be Emptied when logging out. All Emails in the Trash can are removed when you log out of Webmail.

This updates my experience so far.

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