How Do I Recover my phpMySQL username and password


I need to remove infected files from my database but I forgot my phpMySQL username and password.
How do I recover my phpMySQL username and password ?


If you need to remove stuff from the database you’ll have to access the database.

Go to your database overview:

Click on the User name in the “Users with access” column after the database that you need to access.

You’ll see “Do you need to know xxxx’s password”, click on show.


ok I followed you so far. I have the username and password now but where and how do I enter the un and pw to get access to the data base itself now?
Thanks …


Personally I always use command line tools to access the database, but doesn’t your just ask you for your username and password?


If you are uncomfortable with the command line, just go into the DH panel, select goodies > mysql databases, select the server that your database is running on (you may have more than one, depending on how many domains. databases you have created) then, you’ll be prompted to log-in with the user info you recovered and can access your database using phpMyAdmin.

Good luck!