How do I point a domain to our office server?

I am interested in having subdomain point to our office server. I set that up, but am unsure if I did it correctly. I went into the DNS settings in the control panel and added an A record with our ISP-provided static address, adjusted our router ports accordingly for the traffic types.

I am not seeing our server when I use the subdomain I used in Dreamhost. Of course it works when I type in the direct IP, but not the domain name.

Any ideas? I just set this up a few hours ago.

probably DNS propagation. It sounds like you set the record up correctly.

if you open a command window on a local windows machine and type:


you will see what the record looks like from your point of view on the internet

if you type


you will see the record from dreamhosts own DNS server. If you get the same for both answers then propagation has reached you and you have another problem. If you get different answers you are still waiting for DNS to propagate.