How do I move domain from STRATO to Dreamhost in order to use one-click Wordpress ina

My hosting contract with STRATO is about to end for my website

I have been managing this site manually using Dreamweaver, but I like the Wordpress platform.

I’d be enormously grateful if someone could let me know where I get the IPS tag that I am supposed to give STRATO so they can transfer the domain to Dreamhost.

Is there anything else I should know? Or is there a thread to which some kind person could direct me?

Many thanks,


Hi Anna,

Unfortunately Dreamhost don’t have an IPS tag as they are not registered to handle .uk domains. All my .uk domains are handled by and I just change the name servers to point at dreamhost and all works fine!

Hope this helps


Many thanks, Garland83. That does indeed help.

I’ve stayed with Strato as someone there has been able to help me set up Wordpress. Now all I have to do is pour my entire site into it page by page. I don’t suppose there’s an easy way to import through my Dreamweaver …

It depends how bad you want it. You could use Dreamweaver to add headers and make the site serve an RSS feed, and then import that to WP with the importers, but its not an easy task and will require some trial and error and some advanced help.

Do you want to share your URL and I can take a look?

If you site is 10 - 20 pages, you might want to do it by hand… if it has more then it would be worth exploring the RSS import thing.