How do I make WHOIS data private?

Is it possible to make my information that shows up on a WHOSIS search private? Or at the very least remove my address and phone number from being viewed by the general public?

I found the way to change the information in the Dreamhost Control Panel, but I don’t see anything in there about hiding the info. (Not even sure this is possible.)


Ok, I guess it helps a little if I read the KB articles first. However, it stills leaves questions. This article states that I can enter in wrong information. It this considered the “normal” thing to do? I don’t have another address to use. I can change the email and phone number (which I already did to all 9’s).

I just don’t want to create problems with my account here by using a false street address.

How about renting a post office box one town away? Doesn’t cost much, and then you could enter a valid address. You should set up an e-mail address that you only use for that info, nothing more. Set filters for it to only accept e-mail from the registrar. And there are even plenty of free or paid services online that give you a phone number (CallWave is one). No need to give false information.


You can’t register a private domain with Dreamhost (but you can host it) and while you may set false information, if caught by ICANN you’ll loose your domain.

Best thing is to register you domain on sites such as or and choose the ‘make private’ option that is based on service (you can’t use it directly, you must use thru a registar).

DH should really offer this option too…

[quote]if caught by ICANN you’ll loose your domain


I’ve read this before and I’m wondering if anyone knows how likely this is to happen to any given person. On one of my domains, the address is perfectly valid (I have a PO box listed there) but the phone number is actually one that I don’t have anymore. Didn’t deliberately put in false information, but I didn’t bother to update it when it changed, either. Is having a valid address probably sufficient if it ever came to ICANN’s attention? (I only use a cell phone now and I’m not keen on publishing the number publicly.)

The only thing that makes me leery of this is that rules can easily change. It used to be possible to make your info private for .us domains, but fairly recently that safety was made unavailable even for previously registered .us domains.


Not likely any of the main TLD’s that allow private registrations would decide to change their policy.

Unless someone reports you for having invalid whois info you will probably never have a problem. Theres no reason not to have a valid phone number and email address listed though. Use a free email, and get a free phone number from, it will accept voicemail or faxes and forward them to your email.