How do I make the following edits to my theme?

Hi All,
The website I’m working on is

Desired changes

  1. Increase font size of the term “Serving God With Excellence For Over 90 Years”

  2. Add an image to the left but within the section “From the Pastor’s Desk”

  3. Decrease the font size of the copyright in the footer

How and where do I make the above edits?

Thanks for your help

I’d suggest browsing through lots of collections of themes both from and elsewhere, and pick something that is already closest to the structure/layout you’re looking for, and that offers easily editable features from within the WordPress dashboard. You might also consider looking into some third party WordPress designers and developers to help get you set up. :slight_smile:

You may be able to directly edit 1 and 3 within the wordpress dashboard, however you may also need to edit a file. #2 could be slightly more advanced.

Since your are working with a templetemonster theme they would be the experts! It’s difficult to give specif theme guidance for purchased themes as we have no access since most of us are just other customers here like yourself.