How do I make my subdomain to be accessed when they type in the actual address?


Hi there
I am obviously new…
Just created a wordpress blog which is a subdomain (I think) but now I want people to be directed to that blog when they type in my address rather than typing my subdomain address. Does that make sense?

So my blog is:

but I just really want people to type in instead of the “/blog” bit…so what do I do?


I have this same problem. Have you found a solution yet? help!


add to your .htaccess

Redirect 301 /index.php

That should work if I am not mistaken


It’s easier if you use the panel here and go to Manage Domains. Click Edit for your domain and look in the Fully Hosted settings for the Web Directory. It should say /home/username/[]. Just add on /blog and that will become your website’s default directory.

Be sure to go to WordPress’s wp-admin and update the General Settings URL entries and take off the /blog since your site now ignores that part of the path.


Hi, I know this thread is a little old, but my question is related. I too am trying to redirect my site to my WordPress installation, and Google suggests using the 301 redirect in htaccess as “the best way to preserve SEO”. My site is new and I’m not even showing up in Google yet … is changing the default directory through Manage Domains still going to be the best choice, or is this going to be an issue down the road?



if you already have your wp install working in a sub-directory you might as well follow directions listed in this thread


Thank you so much! I know us newbies can be frustrating, asking the same questions over and over again. Sometimes we don’t know the right words to put in the search bar to find the best threads for our situation … at least I don’t. I searched and read for several hours before I found this thread, thinking it was the most applicable one.